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All of our alcoholic ginger beers are naturally gluten-free and are made with 95% organic ingredients.

Prior to Prohibition, alcoholic ginger beer was just as popular as ales and ciders. With Prohibition, hundreds of companies across the US either pivoted to start producing soft drinks or went out of business. Ginger’s Revenge is one of only a handful of companies in the United States dedicated to reviving this historic beverage. We believe in intentionally crafted beverages made with high quality ingredients.

Please note: Since we do not use any preservatives, all products must stay refrigerated.

Rotating Seasonals

In addition to our four year-round flagship flavors, we offer limited small-batch flavors in our Tasting Room
and have limited distribution in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Ohio. Some of our seasonal flavors include:

Fall: Pear Rosemary, Fall Harvest, Dirty Chai
Winter: Caramelized Fig & Vanilla, Chocolate & Orange Peel, Blueberry Mosaic
Spring: Black Cherry Thai Chili, Serrano Lime Agave, Passionfruit Dry Hopped
Summer: Thai Basil, Cucumber Lime Basil Peppermint, Pineapple Jalapeño, Arnold Palmer

Check out what we have on tap at our Riverside Tasting Room or send us a message if you are interested in carrying at your bar, restaurant, or bottle shop!


Meet the Band

As we began working on our brand, we knew it needed to convey energy, passion, and dedication to craft. We also knew this meant our packaging had to be lively, the imagery on it as vibrant as our flavors. A character seemed to be in order— one who could embody all of these attributes and our goal of reviving the historical popularity of alcoholic ginger beer.

With a nod to one of our co-founder's training in percussion, Ginger the drummer was born.

The concept stuck, and each bottle release became another musician in her group. You can meet the Ginger's Revenge band members below!


Leos and fires and beats, oh my.
You feel her presence before she arrives.
She strides to her set like a queen to her throne.
Then a spiritual silence. She gets in the zone.

An earthen rumbling roils in your chest,
Builds then bursts into ocean crests
That crash and froth and tumble and swell.
She's a storm out at sea that no one can quell.

Bass to tom to cymbal to snare--
It's the pounding hooves of a wild mare;
It's the steady advance of Amazon ranks:
Ten thousand howls from each of their flanks.

The clanging of swords and the shimmering mesh--
Meet Ginger.
She's serving it fresh.


Hibiscus Lavender

Outfit? Flawless. Hair? Fresh. Music? Crisp and smooth. It’s diamond-studded velvet perfection, and you'd recognize that saxophone anywhere.

For Hibiscus Lavender, music done right is theater, and theater done right is harmony. He's our down-to-earth connoisseur of life: rich in substance, poor in vanity, hypnotic to the eye, and ambrosia for the ear. He believes good things are meant to be shared, so please, soak in his sumptuous stylings. Savor his radiant allure.

Cranberry Herb

They're classically trained and irresistibly unorthodox, a playful creative who's serious about environmental stewardship: Meet Cranberry Herb, our free-spirited, community-oriented, keytar-shredding sensation. Fans know them best for their electrifying solos, we love them most for their unbridled authenticity.

When they're not delighting us with funky renditions of 80s hits or dazzling you with effervescent performances, Cranberry Herb is contributing to local climate and LGBTQ+ advocacy efforts, caring for their beloved house plants, and proving that "dance floor" is nothing but a state of mind.


Lime Agave

Lime Agave thinks in chords and feels in beats; she breathes melodies and dreams rhythm and blues. Her day job is promoting artists. Her night job is being one. Her free time is spent immersed in her record collection, absorbed in music history, or bathing in the balm of new sounds.

That her lyrics strum your heartstrings is inevitable. That her voice enchants you? A matter of fact. If you end up spellbound by her cool self possession, don't fret! We're all a little obsessed with this siren of soul.