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We feel a strong sense of responsibility to use our business as a platform to give back to the community that supports us. Through a combination of non-profit partnerships and sustainability initiatives, we intend to be a force for good in our community. As a young, growing company, we love working with small, local non-profits and grassroots organizations that are looking to increase awareness in addition to raising funds. See our community partners below.


BeLoved Asheville is a non-profit organization with innovative solutions to some of the toughest challenges we face as a community, such as houselessness. Since October 2020, we've hosted an annual “Socktoberfest" supply drive & fundraiser where we collected much needed items such as socks, camping gear, and blankets to get ready for the upcoming cold months. Through the combination of customer monetary donations and various contributions from our Tasting Room, we've raised over $4,000 and supplied over 1,000 socks!

Furr-Ever Valentine

Throughout our organization, we have an exceptionally large soft-spot for animals, so it only feels right to help support the organizations who work to reduce the number of unwanted animals in our community and increase their well-being. Since February 2021, we’ve committed to hosting animal welfare non-profits for our annual Furr-ever Valentine event. During this two-day event, pet parents and families are offered the opportunity to get their portrait taken in exchange for a donation. During our first year, we were able to raise $595 for Friends of Madison County Animals, and in our second year, we were able to double that, with $1,235 donated to Asheville Humane Society.

Diaper Drive

Babies Need Bottoms is an organization that provides resources to help parents in WNC that are experiencing diaper need. Diaper need is experienced by 1 in 3 families in the US and can affect the very basics such as health and hygiene, and access to child care. Since May 2021, we’ve collected diapering supplies from the community and donated proceeds from several fundraising endeavors through our Tasting Room. Since our start of support, we’ve been able to raise over $1,800 for their organization and they’ve received more than 1,500 diapers from generous community members.

Pride Month

Youth OUTright’s mission is to engage and support LGBTQIA+ youth ages 11-20 in WNC to be confident, resilient and compassionate community members. In honor of Pride Month for June 2021, we started our support for YO and sold rainbow Ginger’s Revenge tote bags where we donated 100% of the profits. Since 2021, we’ve also held Meet & Greets with their staffers and the community to engage and learn more, and donated 100% of the proceeds from Brewery Tours held in June. For the sales of the tote bags combined with other fundraising endeavors for the organization, they’ve received over $1,800.



Our team is dedicated to doing what we can to lower our impact on the environment.
See our sustainability initiatives below.


Recycling - We partner with the WNC Brewery Recycling Cooperative to recycle all the hard-to-dispose-of plastic strapping and soft plastics.


Packaging Materials - 100% of our packaging materials are recyclable. We encourage you to recycle your bottles and 4-pack carriers!


Organic Agriculture - 100% of our base fermentable, cane sugar, is organic. Instead of using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, our sugar is sourced from one of the largest sustainable agriculture projects in the world.


Organic Ginger - 100% of our imported Peruvian & dried ginger is organic, avoiding harsh pesticides and herbicides.


Local Sourcing - We purchase from local farms when produce is in season. This includes a variety of herbs such as Thai basil and anise hyssop.


Composting - With approximately 250 pounds of compost per 930 gallons of ginger beer brewed, it's important for us to redirect our green waste. We partner with a local composting company to pick up our compost weekly.


Energy Use - LEDs and motion sensor lights reduce our lighting energy consumption.


Growler Program - We encourage customers to purchase beer in reusable glass growlers. If a 32 oz growler is filled just three times in a month, this can help reduce almost 100 glass bottles from being used over the course of a year!


To apply for a donation please fill out the donations and sponsorships form.