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Descolada Live @ Riverside Drive

September 1, 2023 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Descolada is the musical child of Asheville, North Carolina based singer-songwriter Colton Ray Nelson. Descolada’s sound treads the line between Country & Folk. The sounds of pedal steel, banjo, organ and fiddle are weaved into a bed of authentic, good ol’ Country vibes, with Colton’s sullen vocals taking listeners through a collection of heartfelt stories.

While many things in Colton’s life have changed, music has always been that one, grounding constant. After attempting college, and dabbling with a professional job, Colton failed to find meaning or purpose in much other than music. In 2017, a tragic motorcycle accident resulting in the passing of his brother led him down the path of pursuing music full time.

As Descolada, Colton released his debut record ‘Big Dam Foolishness’ in September 2021. It was recorded by Garrett Langebartels of Naptime Recordings in Indianapolis, Indiana. Big Dam Foolishness touches on themes of family, grief and loss, with an array of traditional instrumentation used to get his brand of melancholia across.