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Interactive Murder Mystery Night – A Totally Rad Murder!

January 13, 2023 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Join us on November 11th at Ginger’s Revenge South Slope Lounge located at 32 Banks Avenue in Asheville for “A Totally Rad Murder” an 80s-themed Murder Mystery Event! This is an interactive Murder Mystery party- you’ll be assigned a specific character to come dressed as and you’ll interact with the other guests in character! Costume suggestions based on your specific character are provided in advance of the event.

There are limited tickets to this event, for ages 21 and up.

Check-in 7:00pm

Mystery at 7:30 pm

A Totally Rad Murder (Synopsis)

Polly Abdool is hosting a totally tubular album release party for her friend, Debbie Gribson, at a posh VIP Beverly Hills club. Debbie Gribson is a top international pop idol who is releasing her new album, Eclectic Youth! She is simultaneously releasing a new fragrance line of the same name! The guest list is stock full of big name celebrity guests who will undoubtedly hit the scene in outrageous ’80s fashion! You are on the guest list and have received your invitation. There are a few names on the guest list that you dread having to be around for the night, but you wouldn’t mind the exposure.

This is where your story begins.


This is a party presented in association with Mystery Men Productions.

Tickets are subject to terms and conditions.

There are limited tickets to this event, for ages 21 and up.

Check-in 7-7:30 pm

Mystery at 7:30 pm