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Interactive Murder Mystery Night – Murder at the Grand Gatsby Speakeasy

February 2 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

This is a rescheduled event from 1/19!


About the event!

Murder at the Grand Gatsby Speakeasy – Ginger’s Revenge

🎩🔫 Step into the roaring 1920s and immerse yourself in the drama and intrigue of “Murder at the Grand Gatsby” – an Interactive Murder Mystery Event!

🗓️ Date: January 19th

📍 Venue: Ginger’s Revenge, Asheville, NC

💃🍸 Join us in the heart of Prohibition-era Chicago, where the rumblings of a mob war between the South Side Gangsters and the Northern Chicago Mob Outfit echo through the streets. Hal Sapone and Beanie O’Dannon, the ruthless crime leaders, have struck an unprecedented agreement, pooling resources for a joint criminal enterprise.

🔍🌃 Under the surface of this fragile alliance lies a tension thick enough to slice with a blade. Recent sightings of gangsters from both factions at speakeasies across Chicago hint at a delicate peace. But in this world of clandestine dealings, alliances are as fragile as glass, and danger lurks in the shadows.

🕵️‍♀️👞 You are not merely an attendee—you are a character in this gripping tale. Assigned a role in advance, prepare to step into the shoes of a flapper or a gangster. Your attire will be your emblem in this intricate web of deception, secrets, and alliances.

🎭 The Grand Gatsby Speakeasy sets the stage for a pivotal meeting between these rival factions. Will this clandestine gathering resolve differences, or will it reignite the flames of an all-out war? Your presence at this fateful event marks the beginning of a new chapter in this thrilling story.

🌟✨ Unravel the mystery, forge alliances, or play your cards close to your chest. Every interaction, every whispered conversation shapes the fate of these notorious gangs. As tensions escalate, the power lies in your hands.

🎷🍾 Live the glamour, the danger, and the thrill of a bygone era. Prepare to navigate the intricate dance of alliances and betrayals, where every decision could be a matter of life or death.