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Interactive Murder Mystery Night | Saints & Sinners

April 19 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

🔍🎭 Step into the enigmatic world of Twilight Cove, where the line between saints and sinners blurs, and every step holds the weight of intrigue and mystery. Join us for an electrifying evening of clandestine affairs at the Saints and Sinners: An Interactive Murder Mystery Event!


🗓️ Date: April 19th at 7pm

📍 Venue: Ginger’s Revenge, Asheville, NC


✨ In the heart of this secretive metropolis lies the clandestine realm of Eclipse—an elusive syndicate veiled in shadows and secrecy. As an Eclipse agent, your presence is not just requested, but mandated by the enigmatic Dark Core. Failure to attend this cloak-and-dagger affair might erase your existence from the annals of history.


🌌 Unveil the true faces behind the masquerade as you don the garb of a saint or a sinner—your choice, your destiny. The Crescent Hotel shall bear witness to the unveiling of identities and allegiances, shrouded in the mystique of this undercover gathering.


🕵️‍♀️ The stakes are sky-high! Undercover moles lurk within Eclipse’s ranks, and Dark Core is on a quest to decipher friend from foe. Will Dark Core finally reveal their identity? The answer lies within the whispers and exchanges at this night of enigma and suspense.

🤵🏻‍♀️💃🏽 Wear your chosen guise wisely, for every choice could be a clue. Will your attire unravel your loyalties, or shall it safeguard your secrets? The saga commences here—where deceit meets the shadows, and your story begins.


🔐🔍 Prepare for an evening of thrill and clandestine revelations. Will you emerge unscathed from this web of secrecy, or will the shadows claim their due? Secure your place in this clandestine affair—your destiny awaits!


*Note: Prior to the event, participants will receive character assignments and preparatory materials. Reading and understanding your role are key to unlocking the secrets of Twilight Cove. Choose your side, don your costume, and step into a world where every whisper could change the game forever.