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Live Music | Aaron Boyd & WD Miller

February 16 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Boyd began pursuing his passion for music and songwriting in earnest after his daughter was born. With new clarity and understanding of priorities, mortality and immortality, he was inspired to take seriously the gifts he no longer wanted to squander. His 2019 debut album, “Until the End” is a raw and honest account of the shadow-boxing necessary in one’s journey toward sobriety, when easy escape is no longer an option. through these haunting words and by facing and retrieving lost parts of himself, he becomes a healer for the rest of us


W.D. MILLER is the soundtrack to the deep South’s oldest roots. W.D. hones in on earnest storytelling and song craft, keeping in the tradition of country and folk songwriters. His honky-tonk country hymns and folky ballads keep boots stomping and tears flowing. W.D.’s solemn guitar chords and gravelly intonations sing to the vagabond, disaffected spirits of country music’s past, while carving a new voice from traditions of rock n’ roll, blues and folk.


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