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The Lowfills @ Riverside

March 12, 2023 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Remember that garage band from your high school?

You know the one. You had a crush on at least one of them. Maybe it was the singer, who had dimples and a denim jacket, and always shared their pizza. Or the drummer, patting rhythms on their knees all through US History.

You’re not sure if they ever played any real gigs, but you knew that wherever they went a good time was sure to follow. And whenever they played, it wasn’t too long before the whole room was singing along, happy and loud, because we were all 17 and immortal and this song was our favorite.

Well, grab your nostalgia and your flannel shirt, and get ready for a good time! That band is all grown up, and they’re here to take you back through a mixtape of the 90s. Meet The Lowfills!

Mild mannered brewery employees by day, musical mayhem makers by night, The Lowfills are Ginger’s very own house band. Come out and celebrate our 6th anniversary with our scrappy band of weirdos, and don’t forget to sing along as loud as you want!