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WNC Bonfire Studios- Southwest by Carolina

June 6 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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“Southwest by Carolina”  (16×20 on canvas). Come paint this larger than life little pot of cacti and succulents. Skill level would be considered Moderate/intro skill level, meaning it’s expected to be challenging to beginner level artist while being easy enough to allow everyone to maintain conversation and a fun atmosphere.

Bonfire brings all the supplies and handles the clean-up. Our goal is to guide participants through pictures so that everyone creates something exceptional no matter the skill level. Our classes also retain the feeling that comes with challenging oneself and growing in something you love. We guide you through all the steps so that you walk away with a finished painting you can be proud of and help all of our artists sort out any challenges they may encounter. Of coarse painting is a learned skill that takes time to learn and theres only so much skill advancement anyone can expect out of a 2.5 hr class….but what we sets us apart is a logical system of steps, pointers on key technical skills, and individual help to keep the whole thing from becoming too overwhelming.

·    THU 5/30 6:30-8:45 PM

·    Ages 16+

· Must be 21+ to drink.

·    Must notify us 7 days before for a refund (minus a small banking fee).

·    Outside food/drink is not allowed, our host has beverages AND food.

·    We kindly ask that you purchase something from the tap room (non-alcoholic options).

· A friendly atmosphere, having fun is required, and drinking alcohol is optional.

·   Event may be subject to participation minimums.