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South Slope Lounge – Closure Details

An Important Message from Ginger’s Revenge

Those of you who have followed our journey for some time know that we are dedicated to doing things with intentionality. With that intention often comes hard decisions. 

After careful consideration, we have decided to close our South Slope Lounge tasting room. For a variety of reasons, the space and location were simply not the right fit for our desired customer experience. The situation was compounded by the current challenges faced by many businesses in downtown Asheville. 

Our Riverside Tasting Room will remain open and we are excited to expand service to seven days per week starting September 1.  

It’s bittersweet to share this news on the heels of our one year anniversary celebration at the Lounge, but we felt it was important for our team to recognize this milestone and to celebrate all of the amazing beverages, events, and partnerships that have been enjoyed over the last year. The South Slope Lounge allowed our team to stretch our creative muscles, and we are excited to bring many of these ideas to our Riverside location in the coming months. 

The last day of service at the South Slope Lounge will be Sunday, August 27th. We invite you to come out and enjoy the space for the final weekend. 

Team members whose schedules have been impacted were notified of this news early this month and it was of the utmost importance to us to work with each team member through this transition. 

With this decision, we’re excited to channel more energy into our Riverside Tasting Room location as well as to the innovation of new products and offerings. We hope you’ll join us to see what’s new!

Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed beverages with us at the Lounge over the past year. If you’ve never been to our Riverside Tasting Room, we invite you to join us at our original location in the RAMP Studios at 829 Riverside Drive, Suite 100, on the corner of Riverside and Broadway. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you smell the ginger in the air. 😉

With gratitude,

Cristina & David